The responsibility toward consumers Reseach and Develop harmless products for consumers’ well-being.

1. Reseach and Develop harmless products for consumers’ well-being.

The organization operates oil refining and petrochemical business, including polymers production which is necessary to meet the requirements and spec of the client, and the environmental regulations. The organization has a strict policy in deliver the great products in good quality to consumers created by constant researching methods introducing Natural Color Compound plastic launched in 2014 such as yellow by turmeric extracts and red by carrot extracts. Banbax is an anti-bacterial plastic compound, which the organization has invested in nano-chemical base factory in order to develop the brand. The factory was officially launched in 2014. The organization has create obligation between business partners involving researching, developing and producing. Natural Color products was a joined project with Picnic Plast Industrial Co.,Ltd. in order to create Natural Color Compound which is an eco-friendly product by converting the existing plastic compound with natural color compound and still remain the original qualification. The development was under the world food grade standard. The primary natural colors are green from spinach, red from tomato or strawberry and yellow from turmeric or carrot or bell pepper. The product becomes one of the choices of food containers for health’s concern consumers. The product is also eco-friendly, non-hazardous, heat bearing and remain vivid color which will be ready to launch worldwide. Not only the organization concerns about the consumers’ well-being but also have responsible for the well-being and the environment of surrounding communities nearby which may expose to the impact of the production. The organization endorses QSHE project as in

2. Conducting report on community’s wellness through the use of a geographic information system (GIS)

The organization has collect database indicating the wellness of people in the surrounded IRPC industrial area by using GIS covering 5 areas under the responsibility. The database is targeted to collect information of more than 17,797 families. The Environmental Monitoring and Control committee is placed in order to maintain the quality of environment and health. Developing eco-friendly production (Environmental Monitoring and Control committee) and further indicating the wellness of environmentand the health of locals in the area are activities and projects promoting.

3. . “Pan nam jai clinic”

The organization has established “Pan Nam Jai clinic” at the community learning center servicing medical treatment with no charge to people living nearby the IRPC industrial area in Rayong. In 2014, the clinic has serviced 4,702 patients and the IRPC health cards was distributed for 112 cards.

4. Mobile Medical Care Service

The organization has operated mobile medical care service once a month to the locals living near the IRPC industrial for 2 communities and 3 districts, and has serviced 576 people. Database gathered on health and hygiene in the communities is assessed the impact on health and hygiene for EIA, EIZ project, is to be used to plan the medical treatment program in order to arrange medical specialist to the specific patients. The organization has constantly informed the operating period to the people who has been serviced.