Engaging in community and society development IRPC new vision to be a leading Eco Industrial Company has led to a process development according to Eco Industrial Concept.

1. Eco Industrial Concept

IRPC new vision to be a leading Eco Industrial Company has led to a process development according to Eco Industrial Concept. IRPC has been chosen to be one of five models of Eco Industrial Concept practicing by the Department of Industrial Work. “IRPC and the Eco Industrial Concept Plans” (IRPC-EIZ) proposes to educate the concerning people to the essential of becoming Eco Industrial Zone by utilizing the maximize usage on limited amount of natural resources, the waste reduction and pollution. The new eco-friendly technology is designed to higher the industrial management standard to reach the global standard.

2. CSR in Process

The organization enhances the CSR according to UN Global Compact. The CSR-is-Process become the guideline for practicing Corporate Social Responsibility. Developing and improving the production is invested to increase the production, also to be responsible to the society and the environment. The major project is Upstream Project for Hygiene and Value Add Products (UHV). The investment costs 39,600 million bahts. This project adds more value to heavy oils and decreases the sulfur dioxide since the heavy oils is no longer needed in industrial productions for other industrial factories. The project is considered uppermost value add. Muang Rayong combined Heat and Power Project costs 13,400 million baht.

The project is to generate stream power, and electric power by using the natural gas with the Dry Low Nox Burner technology which complete the combustion process. The exhaust contains low polluted air. Both UHV and CHP II projects are still under construction which are planned to be launched by 2015 for UHV and 2017 for CHP II.

3. Social Development Annually social development projects according to “Happy Rayong”

  1. Annual Community Scholarship 2014 – IRPC has constantly granted Annual Community Scholarship. In 2014, the scholarships were granted to students with outstanding performance & behavior yet lack of financial support who is selected by the leader of community. The scholarships are divided for 3 recipients; primary students, secondary students and undergrad students. On 27th of October 2014, 74 scholarships worth of 616,000 baht were given out at Nong Khaw temple. On 29th of October 2014, 215 scholarships worth of 1,793,000 baht were given out at Plauk Kaet temple. The total of 289 scholarships are worth 2,409,000 baht.
  2. IRPC holds religious event of presenting robes to monks at the end of Buddhist Lent IRPC has developed a tradition to annually hold religious ceremonies at temples around its plants to strengthen the relationships between community, government organizations and private organizations. In 2014, IRPC hold 15 religious ceremonies in different temples. IRPC was the host for Kathin Ceremony for 3 times and was co-host for 12 times.
  3. Establish “Vidyasirimedhi Institute”- Rayong Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Project. Establish Kamnoetwit Science Academy. IRPC and PTT have joined to establish science and technology institute, aimed to become excellent institute of science research which will be open in 2015.
  4. Strategic Communication To ensure the environmental impact awareness of industrial enterprise to the community and society. The organization has means to communicate with the stakeholders and people through following projects.
    1. Open House is one of means to communicate with the community by letting people to visit and to oversee the process inside the plant to provide knowledge and to ensure the plant’s management and investment. The visitors are students, bureaucrats, leader of community and press. In 2014, IRPC has held 15 Open House for 630 visitors.
    2. IRPC’s Community Learning Network Center and IRPC’s Community Relationship Development have provided conference room, shops, community, Clinic Pan Nam Chai, and holidays’ activities. There were total of 34,857 participants. In 2014, 8,549 people has participated in weekend activities, one road show activity and 110 people has participated in Rayong Fruit Festival.
    3. In 2014, 4,495 people have participated in IRPC plant visitation
    4. Communicating with the community is the project that convey message from the organization to the public by publishing travel journal for air plane passengers in order to creating a mutual understanding and advertise the cooperation of youth, the society and the employees. The aim for this project is to realize on practicing community activities is easy. The organization has gained new partners from Prostheses Foundation and expected more new partners to join.