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2017-04-05IRPC Major Turnaround near completion as planned

         Mr. Pongpraphan Titathavewatana, Senior Executive Vice President, Petrochemical & Refinery Business Unit, IRPC Public Co., Ltd. stated that “As we have informed the Rayong community and the press of the plan for Major Turnaround and improvement of certain UHV equipment commencing February 2, 2017 within the IRPC Industrial Estate, Rayong, by gradually shutting down various production units since mid-January 2017, the turnaround is currently almost completed and is in the process of progressively commencing operation of various production units whereby the environmental measurement of air quality, waste water and noise level is within the standards throughout the duration of the turnaround.
          Major turnaround is divided into 3 phases: 1. production shutdown 2. maintenance and inspection 3. production start-up whereby there might be the effect of flare during the first and third period causing limited glare and smoke.
          The Company has set mitigation measures for all activities as informed in January 2017 prior to the shutdown and has strictly followed these measures throughout the turnaround period whereby a Complaint Center and Emergency Management Center with 24 hour emergency hotline 1800-800-008 or 038-802560 was set up.   Field Coordination Center was established with the capacity to dispatch surveillance team to the community of approximately 71,500 households, 130,000 people, cover six districts in Rayong instantly in the event of any complaint with the purpose of clarifying and apprehending the problem stemmed from the turnaround activities. Permanent weather stations and mobile weather station were set up to measure air quality 24-hour at the operating area especially in high exposure risk areas and mobile medical team was established to service the operating area.  Complaint centers coordinates with the community affected by the turnaround and resolve the problems on a case by case basis i.e. smell complaints caused by hot weather could be mitigated by turning on water spray to alleviate the heat. In addition, clarification was made to the community regarding the smell from the flare which could be rectified by increasing the combustion rate which could instantly reduce the impact.
           Measures taken to reduce the impact of major turnaround are as follows:
           1. Provide environmental impact assessments such as smell, noise, dust with measures to prevent potential impacts. 2. Setup air pollution management to monitor air quality in plants and communities around the industrial area. 3. Waste management by separating refuse and waste from its source whereby industrial waste from the turnaround will be sent to agency authorized by the Department of Industrial Works with closed monitoring of the transportation. 4. Waste water management is divided into 2 types: 4.1 Waste water from cleaning will be disposed of by agency authorized by the Department of Industrial Works. 4.2 Remaining wastewater will be sent to the company's wastewater treatment system which conforms to the standards set by the Department of Industrial Works.5. Noise management is conducted whereby measurements are executed in the community during turnaround activities. 6. Traffic control is regulated by managing the contractor's entering and exiting time and coordinate with traffic police to help facilitating various routes around the area 7. Chemical spillage or leakage control by checking containers for leakage to prevent vapors from entering the atmosphere with vapor containment device is setup at the point of operation. 8. Employees and contractors must comply strictly with the Safety Turnaround guidelines. 9. Information is disseminated regularly to the public and local sector, the media in Rayong since the beginning of January 2017.
           For the UHV project in 2014 - 2016, more than 600 representatives from the community were invited each year to observe the progress of the project and participated in seminars during construction and operating period whereby in 2016, community health promotion fund was setup with annual funding of Baht 6 million.
The company announced the Major Turnaround plan to the Stock Exchange of Thailand on November 11, 2016.

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