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2017-04-08IRPC led the procession of electric float under the theme Green Songkran at TAT’s Amazing Songkran 2017

      Miss Monwipa Choopiban, IRPC Public Co., Ltd. and Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) joined in the “Amazing Songkran 2017” event whereby Miss Monwipa Choopiban, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs represented the company in thanking TAT for honoring IRPC, a refining and petrochemical industry to be part of the government's support and promotion of cultural tourism and Thai Songkran tradition to both Thai and foreign tourists  by bringing IRPC’s Green plastic product to Thai Songkran with regards to environmental conservation. IRPC is the only company from the private sector to lead the Electric Float under the concept "Green Songkran" and joined the procession at the "Amazing Songkran 2017" on Sukhumvit Road.
      IRPC was in the 4th procession under the concept of "Green Songkran" whereby the Earth goddess along with industrial community nationwide designed products from polymers to create green electric float showcased at the earth of green Songkran, along with the procession of actors as representation of environmental conservation including the Songkran culture of the Mon community Prapadaeng.
      This event is an opportunity for people to learn about environmentally-friendly plastic products, promote the image of plastic resin production as responsible and socially beneficial as well as disseminating and bridging the company's corporate social responsibility and cultural undertaking with government organizations and alliances and assist the government in promoting arts and culture. In addition, IRPC has donated rubber traffic cones containing 35% natural rubbers which is the company's innovation to be used for traffic management in the area and the safety of the people attending this event.

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