Sustainability Development

Operational Eco-Efficiency

Management Approach

I. Policy
Operational Efficiency & Management System Roadmap 2017 – 2022 was initiated to improve IRPC’s operational performance including energy efficiency that leads to less consumptions of energy. Furthermore, IRPC commits to reduce environmental impact from its operations by initiating environmental management program covering air quality control, waste management, waste water management and spillage control, and attending Eco Factory program by the Industrial Environment Institute, the Federation of Thai.

II. Management System/Process
IRPC adopts PTT Group’s Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) for managing organization towards operational excellence. Numbers of project are initiated to increase energy efficiency by energy optimization projects and reduce environmental impact from air emissions control and monitoring by instrument installation, waste management by initiating waste to energy project, waste water management by ensuring compliance of water quality after treatment, and spillage control by implementation of both proactive and reactive approaches.