Environment Impact Assessment and Monitoring Result

Management Approach

IRPC and IRPC Group’s affiliate have been conducting social, environmental and health impact studies for all projects which are within scope as part of the process to prepare the EIA reports, which are required by law and which must be prepared in compliance with the criteria, methodology, regulations and guidelines for EIA report preparation under the Notification of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and other relevant laws.

IRPC and its affiliates had prepared Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Health Impact Assessment (EHIA) which have been approved by a committee of experts and submit environmental monitoring reports to relevant government offices every six months and will be publicly available online through Office of Natural Resources Environmental Policy and Planning’s website (Thai version only).

Projects under EIA/EHIA Consideration
Project developed in 2020
Total projects1
Projects required consultation with communities1
Percent of project conducting consultation with communities comparing with total projects100%


Details on EIA/EHIA Project description and Monitoring Report are as described below;


Petroleum Industries

Condensate Plant Project
Lube Base Oil Plant Project
Refinery Project
Upstreams Project for Hygiene and Value Added Products Project
Petrochemical Industries

ABS Plant Project
Ethylbenzene Styrene Monomer Plant Project
Ethylene and Deep Catalytic Cracking ,Butadiene Toluene Xylene Project Plant
Expandable Polystyrene Plant Project
High Density Polyethylene and Ultra High Mole Molecular Weight Polyethylene Project
Polystyrene Plastic Plant Project
Propylene Compound Project
Propylene Plant Project
Industrial Park and Utilities

Combine Heat and Power Plant Project
Power Plant Project
Jetty Project
Multi Product Pipeline Project
Natural Gas Transporting Pipeline Project
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