IRPC ideal Solution

(IRPC digital E-commerce Account and Logistic)

The IRPC ideal Solution (IRPC digital E-commerce Account and Logistic). The Petrochemical Department has applied the IDEAL solution which is an integrated system to support the company’s Plastic Resin distribution with both domestic and overseas distributors. The new system has been replacing the company’s existing AS400 system, which has several limitations, since 9th August 2007. In addition, the Petrochemical Department has been adjusting and improving the system on a regular basis so that the system can support an increasing workload due to the growing business and adapting to new competitive conditions.


The Electronic Tracking System enables customers to keep track of the status of exported goods and documents with ease. The system is linked to the website of shipping and courier companies that enable data to be transferred and accessed 24 hours a day worldwide.


The Professional Export System was jointly developed by IRPC and Kasikorn Bank to manage the business’ export documents and improve the working process for international transactions. As the new system can handle many types of documents at the same time, it can reduce the amount of time taken and labor by 4 times and also decrease the errors occurring during the process by almost 100%. E-payment System


The Electronic payment System provides a choice for the customer to make payment over an electronic network of Kasikorn bank. The system would enable customers to conduct domestic transactions with more convenience, less time and cost as well as allow them to make financial plans professionally.


Business to Business is a system that facilitates online commercial transactions between companies. Details of purchase orders ranging from product lists, quantity, payment conditions and delivery can be sent via the system. PDA


Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is another channel that facilitates trading transactions, reduces time waiting for document approval and is not confined to the working process of only one PC Computer, which allows for more flexibility. With just one click, you can access the B2B database any place, anytime.

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