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"IRPC" is a pioneer in integrated petrochemical industry in the South East Asia.

Its refinery and petrochemical complexes are situated on its own industrial estate on the Eastern coast of Thailand in Cheong Nern district, Rayong Province. Besides basic utilities, there are supporting facilities such as deep-sea port, tank farm and power plant.

The refinery capacity of the Company’s refinery is 215,000 bbl per day which is the third in term of local capacity. Petroleum products from the refinery consisted of various kinds of refined oil, lube base oil, asphalt and other by-products. In addition, naphtha which is part of the refining product can be used as raw material for olefins and aromatic products. These in turn become the raw material for downstream petrochemical products and sell to plastic converters.


Petroleum Business

The Company’s petroleum fuel products, including liquefied petroleum gas, are sold to petroleum wholesalers, service station, marine vessels, fishing boats, and gas container plants, while gas oil and gasoline base products are sold to article 7 merchants (the major oil traders), all of whom are well known in the market.

Petrochemical Business

POLIMAXX is a Petrochemical products’ brand of IRPC. Since IRPC Public Company Limited wound in the year 1982, as few manufactured various kinds of polymer and petrochemical products.

Asset Management Business

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