Power and Public Utilities

IRPC provides basic public utility services along with public utility systems. It generates and distributes power, industrial water, and air systems; provides wastewater treatment for industrial customers and EGAT (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand); and provides other business services in support of full business operations. Like other industrial estates, utilities are of sufficient volumes with high quality standards. Above all, our businesses must stay sustainably alongside communities, society, and the surroundings. Below are our public utility systems:

1. Electrical
2. Steam
3. Filtered, demineralized, cooling, raw, and firefighting water
4. Nitrogen, instrument air, plant air
5. Wastewater treatment

Distribution System Permit

Distribution Permit

Port and Tank Services

IRPC’s port is located in the same area as its refinery Rayong Province

It offers a number of facilities and dock services for clients, including tug-boats, piloting services, lighters, fresh water and fuel, weigh scales, container yards, warehouses, and machines and equipment for transshipment of goods.

Asset Management Business

IRPC has set up a unit to manage high-potential land in Rayong and other provinces with a total acreage of some 12,000 rai to develop such land into EIZ (Eco-Industrial Zone) projects of industrial estates, industrial zones, and high-potential land. These projects are equipped with essential infrastructure and public utilities systems to accommodate target industries. Today, IRPC has secured approval to jointly operate businesses with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand in developing the Rayong Industrial Estate (Ban Khai) to serve worldwide prospective investors. In short, service is ready to accommodate projects of IRPC and the public alike at the following:

1. Industrial zone project: IRPC Eco-Industrial Zone, Amphoe Muang, Rayong

2. Industrial estate project: Rayong Industrial Estate (Ban Khai), Amphoe Ban Khai, Rayong

3. High-potential land: Large plots of development- potential land, Amphoe Chana, Songkhla

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