Enlighten and researched with an idea of his majesty the king in 1985, Gasohol is now one of the most available gasoline equivalent alternative energy in Thailand. Gasohol is a combination of Gasoline Base and Ethanol in various ratios. IRPC offers two grades of Gasohol; Gasohol 95 and Gasohol 91.


Gasoline Base

Gasoline Base is used as a base to combine with Ethanol in order to produce Gasohol. The quality of Gasoline Base is the crucial part to determine the quality of Gasohol. IRPC offers 2 grades of Gasoline Base; Gasoline Base for ULG 95 and Gasoline Base for ULG 91.


High Speed Diesel

Well-known in its high performance and wide-spread in usage, High Speed Diesel is truly a fuel that drives the economy in Thailand, used as common fuel for diesel engine ranging from automobiles and trucks to generators and agricultural and industrial engines.

IRPC offers various grades of High Speed Diesel, both High Sulfur and Low Sulfur.


Diesel Base

The Diesel Base is directly distilled from refining process of crude oil. It is normally used as a base to combine with biodiesel and additives in order to produce High Speed Diesel. IRPC Diesel Base contains sulfur less than 0.005% (50 ppm), complied with Euro 4 standard.



Gasoline is a fuel for engine widely used for automobiles and motorcycles. The numbers 91 and 95 stated the Octane, which is the rate of resistance to ignition of Gasoline. It also implies that the higher the Octane, the higher its resistibility to engine knockdown. The most important part is to choose the right Gasoline for the right engine. In that way, it will help support the engine and enhance its performance. On the other words it will also help us to keep some maintenance money in the pocket.


Fuel Oil

Thai Department of Energy declares Fuel Oil into 5 Distinctive Categories. IRPC offer 2 categories as following,

Type 1 or Bunker fuel A
Fuel oil 600 Sec, 2% sulfur, it’s a high quality fuel and low viscosity. It’s proper for small and medium size industry plants including hotels, hospitals and community zone because of completely combustion and low carbon.

Type 2 or Bunker fuel C
Fuel oil 1500 Sec, 2% sulfur, that’s medium viscosity. It’s proper for medium and large size industry plants that has combustion system and efficiency engine. This type is now popular in the market due to the lower price compared to Bunker fuel A.


Lube Base Oil

Lube Base Oil or commonly known as engine oil, its looks like general oil but it has higher viscosity. It’s classified to heavy oil type which’s suitable for lubricants industrial that’s using in small machinery such as motors, cars and heavy machinery such as marine, railway train. IRPC understand the different needs of each customer. As a result, IRPC offers 3 grades of lube base oil – 150SN, 500SN, and 150BS.


Slack Wax

When stated about wax, anyone would be thinking of candle, wax one form of the natural wax. However, someone may not know that wax can be produced from a refinery. We called this a Petroleum Wax or Slack Wax. Slack Wax is a by-product from the production of base oil, which can be used in manufacturing goods and household products such as candles, polisher, crayon, clay, cosmetics, particle board emulsion, adhesive, or even cosmetics and chewing gums.

IRPC offers top quality Slack Wax, including 3 grades.

  • 150SW This is a lightest grade of Slack Wax suitable for paraffin production which is light-colored and micro-crystalline-wax which is darker.
  • 500SW This grade of Slack Wax has viscosity in the medium range. It’s suitable for micro-crystalline-wax production which is one of the most important materials in manufacturing particle board.
  • BSSW The highest viscosity grade, suitable for coating surface which require to endure high friction such as racecourse.

Aromatic Extract

Aromatics Extract is a substance derived from the refining process of base oil. Differ radically from volatile aromatic oil, this Aromatic Extract substance has a very high viscosity, smells like oil, and has green and brown color. It is also classified as carcinogenic substances. The substance has been used as an ingredient in various types of rubber such as tires for vehicles and synthetic rubber. In addition, these substances can also be used as an ingredient in the production of inks, greases, powder, plastic and carbon black.

IRPC offers 5 grade s of aromatic extract product :

1.RPO0515 The lightest aromatic extract with the lowest viscosity @ 100 °C ranged from 5 to 15

2. RPO2025 The middle viscosity grade with viscosity @ 100 °C in the range of 20 to 25

3. RPO2535 The most popular grade which is used in the tire and synthetic rubber industry.

4. PRO6080 The unique viscosity substance used in the several manufacturing industries such as ink powder.



TDAE (Treated Distillate Aromatic Extract)

TDAE is a kind of aromatic extract used as a raw material for tyres and rubbers, similar to rubber process oil. However, its unique properties are far beyond the normal rubber process oil in that it sustains high Viscosity Gravity Constant (VGC), the property needed in order to formulate high quality tyres and rubbers, while also delivered lower carcinogenic substances, calculated by Polycyclic Aromatic Content (PCA) passing EU regulation. This means that not only the tyres and rubbers utilizing TDAE from IRPC will gain an ability to reduce heat buildup and lower rotational resistance during the usage of the tyres, but it will also help preserve for better goodness of environmental friendly and healthier society in order to make our world to be a better place.

RAE (Residue Aromatic Extract)
RAE is another breakthrough in rubber process oil which is also used in manufacturing tyres and rubbers. Similar to TDAE, the RAE is developed by our research and development team through the thoroughly studies and tests. The result is the RAE product line, consisted of 3 grades of RAE suitable for all range of usages by various customers. RAE has very similar properties compared to currently available rubber process oil. However, it has a twist of the low Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAHs) passing EU regulation with PAHs less than 10mg per kilogram. As a result, when using RAE, you can be ensured that you have taking part of the safeguard toward the nature and betterment for the society.



Asphalt is a product which normally used in road pavement construction. Derived from the finest quality of crude oil selection, our asphalt represents the highest quality asphalt, approved by Department of Highways, and has mainly been chosen to use as a raw material not only for the road construction in Thailand but also major industries worldwide.


Straight Run Fuel Oil

IRPC Straight Run Fuel oils are produced by High quality crude oil. This suits for using in Lube base Oils Plant and CrackerUnit, which can generate high quality products as Base Oils, Gas Oil and Gasoline.


White Spirit

White Spirit is used insolvent application, mainly for paint. It is also used in coating industry such as metal lubricant and wood wax.


C9 Aromatic / C10+ Aromatic Residue

C9 Aromatic / Aromatic residue is used in solvent application such as Agricultural pesticide, printing ink and heavy duty paint.



Toluene is mostly used as a solvent in many industries such as thinner ,paint, adhesive and ink. Moreover used as raw material for polyester.

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Xylene, Mixed Xylenes

It is used in manufacturing industries such as enamel paint, industrial paint, pesticide and thinner. Moreover used for raw material in polyester and PET bottle.


Liquid & Chemical Terminal

Liquid & Chemical Terminal serves petroleum products and petrochemical product handling. The terminal consists of 6 wharves with vessel handling capacity ranging from 1,000 to 250,000 DWT.

Liquid & Chemical Terminal is equipped with modern handling equipment to assure efficiency and safety operation. This terminal is open to both internal and external customers. Currently, this terminal handles annual throughput of 15 million tons and serves more than 2,000 vessels per year.


IRON Mobile Solution

What’s IRON ?
IRON (IRPC Oil on Net) is an intelligence support system innovated from IRPC to help improve efficiency and effectiveness of the business process. IRPC is the first in Asia who develop the system that ties together customers, suppliers, and financial into one. With the easiness of access and fast responses of the system, IRON becomes one of the most important steps of IRPC, and helps the company to become a leader in Petrochemical Business in Asia.

How does IRON work ?
The IRON system or IRON Mobile Solution is a customer based system that helps combine 5 units; IRPC customers, marketing, support/management, finance, and financial provider.

IRON Mobile Solution is one of the best innovations that is not only improving efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process, but also helping increase accessibility and satisfaction of IRPC customers. This in return will lead the customers to new competitive advantage, in order to compete in today’s rapidly changing world.


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