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Mahidol University & IRPC Forge Innovation in Medical Technology

Mahidol University, under the leadership of President Prof Dr Banchong Mahaisavariya, and IRPC Public Company Limited, led by President and Chief Executive Officer Kris Imsang, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a collaborative partnership in academic endeavours, innovation research and development, and the promotion of medical technology innovation. The goal is to foster opportunities in the field and contribute to Thailand’s transformation into an innovation-based economy. The MoU was signed at the Energy Complex, Building B.

One of the cutting-edge technologies being developed is Photopolymer Resin, which serves as a fundamental material for creating Dental Models through 3D printing, among other applications. This technology is expected to have both commercial and societal benefits, aligning with the mission to drive the country’s evolution into an innovative-based economy.

Prof Dr Banchong Mahaisavariya, President of Mahidol University, stated, “The University has strategically aligned itself with both domestic and international organisations to showcase research and foster innovative development that yields tangible results. The collaboration between academia and industry aims to generate commercial advantages and facilitate the exchange of technological expertise. Mahidol University is equipped with knowledgeable professionals, researchers, staff, and students spanning diverse disciplines, driving us to become a world-class and entrepreneurial university. Our commitment is to be a hub of innovative research and education on both domestic and international fronts. The signing of this MoU marks the foundation of a strong relationship and heralds forthcoming collaborations.”

Kris Imsang, President and Chief Executive Officer of IRPC, commented, “Recognising the vital role of technological resources and innovative creation, IRPC has embarked on integrating internal and external organisational knowledge and frameworks to develop products, services, and procedures. Guided by our vision to develop innovative materials and energy solutions that harmonise with life, our collaboration with Mahidol University leverages their extensive knowledge, expertise, and research diversity. This partnership aims to propel medical technology research, with the development of Photopolymer Resin for Dental Model 3D printing contributing to various other innovative and commercial pursuits. The collaboration fosters knowledge exchange, sharing of experiences, and resource development, all aimed at advancing medical and public health technology and ultimately propelling Thailand’s economy.”

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