Mr. Chansin Treenuchagron, the Chairman of IRPC Public Company Limited or IRPC stated  “IRPC has foreseen the opportunities to generate the electricity from renewable energy in Thailand. IRPC floating solar farm located in Rayong Province is an important model for the development of clean energy projects that can be applied to further improve the national energy industry. In alignment with the government policy on the use of renewable energy, the innovation of IRPC’s polymer is produced domestically to boost the economy along with the integration of environmental and social values.”

Mr. Noppadol Pinsupa, Chief Executive Officer and President of IRPC Public Company Limited or IRPC revealed, “The company has installed the floating solar in the company’s raw water reservoir on an area of 200 Rai with an electric production capacity of 12.5 megawatts (MW). Due to the largest capacity in Southeast Asia, it can generate electricity that would create sustainability for the industrial areas of IRPC in Rayong Province. This is considered an innovation that will increase the business opportunities. By giving an importance on the environment, it could help reduce global warming.”

The advantage of IRPC Floating Solar Farm which is the power generating system based on the innovative polymer or HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), providing a special grade with gray color under the brand “POLIMAXX” by IRPC. Along with the property to reduce the temperature underneath the solar panels of approximately 5-8 degrees, it allows a highly efficient power generation system with a strong resistance to UV light and impact force. A long lifetime of the material is up to 25 years, as tested by Food Grade US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), and it is safe for the underwater ecosystem.

At the same time, those recyclable products, solar pontoons, are environmentally friendly for decreasing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions up to 10,510 tons or equivalent to about 10,000 times of reforestations. Moreover, it helps create the most benefits from those water surface areas that serve as a catchment area or “The Monkey Cheek,” a project for managing flood and drought in Muang District, Rayong Province.

Currently, the Floating Solar Farm of IRPC in Rayong Province is opened as a recreation area for the public to exercise. In the future, it will be renovated to provide a relaxing area for Rayong people to use.

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