IRPC Received ASEAN Standard and Quality Management Award: ARE-QP AWARD 2021.

Mr. Woravuth Sivapetranart, Senior Executive Vice President, Petrochemical and Refinery Operation of IRPC Public Company Limited, received the AREQP Award 2021 (ANQ Recognition for Excellence Quality Promotion Award) by the Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) for an excellent systematic plant management model and outstanding innovation in product development and management of IRPC Groups polypropylene facility in Rayong. The polypropylene plant has received numerous awards, including the Thailand Energy Award in 2013 and 2017, the Prime Minister’s Industry Award for Energy Management in 2013, the Prime Minister’s Industry Award for Quality Management in 2019, and the Prime Minister’s Industry Award for Environmental Management in 2020, demonstrating its success in the development of good management practices that include social and environmental considerations.

 The Asian Network for Quality (ANQ) consists of 18 country members, mainly from ASEAN countries and others from Asia and Russia, with the Standards and Quality Association of Thailand (SQAT) as a representative organization from Thailand who is in charge of assessing and submitting candidates for the award. IRPC is one of the three organizations from Thailand to have received this award.  

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