Occupational Health and Safety

Management Approach

1. Policy
IRPC promotes safety in every aspect, including personal safety, process safety and transportation safety. This effort is achieved by the use of high safety standard to reach the goal of being a safety workplace with zero-accident and strong safety culture among its employees and suppliers. With its utmost commitment to build safety culture into every work process, the target of zero accident and zero emergency case is set for all workforce and contractor to build the personal safety awareness.

2. Management System/Process 
Personal Safety IRPC focuses on regular work performance by employees with due regard for safety, with Zero Accident as the ultimate corporate goal along with Zero Emergency Case and a promotion of constant awareness, recognition, and promotion of safety and work as a corporate culture. To this end, various projects, including the Goal Zero Accident Project, reminded workers to pay primary attention to work safety. The Safety Excellence Project nurtured safety awareness, promoted safery leadership, and trained workers to help and warn one another. The Safety Network and Sharing Project established a safety network among PTT Group. The Integrated Database Management System Project analyzes all plant incidents for grouping in to databases, looks for their root causes, and develops preventive or remedial guidelines to prevent recurrence. In addition, IRPC applies PSM (process safety management) and conducts the annual plant safety risk assessment against TIS/OHSAS 18001 for safety throughout production processes, which enables IRPC to mainatain its decent safety statistics.

Process Safety
IRPC has the OEMS and the Process Safety Management (PSM) in place and has a risk assessment on safety issue for each plant every year according to TIS/OHSAS 18001 and every five year by law or whenever there are changes in process. In addition, IRPC also worked with PTT Group to develop PSM guidelines that comply with international standard. IRPC continuously conducts operations in line with the safety management policy. In 2016, Safety Critical Equipment criteria was introduced to prioritize the urgency of maintenance orders, especially for safety related machines and equipment, for example, human exposure protection equipment or emergency pressure release equipment, etc.

Safety Culture
IRPC promotes its safety culture by divising policies and implementing various activities like Behavior-Based Safety. Safety journals are regularly prepared and publicized. Safety training is prociding for all employees, contractors, and workers, and guidelines are given to supervisors, who must treat contractors like IRPC employees. Finally, an inspection tram was appointed to strictly audit conformance to safety rules. Once incidents happen, IRPC will appoint an investigation panel to identify causes, turn them into knowledge, and transfer such knowledge to employees to prevent recurrences.

Occupational Health
In addition to its commitment on the safety issues, IRPC also foresees the importance of healthy lifestyles promoting among employees. For this reason, IRPC has started “Good Health Starts Here” Project to help IRPC’s employees in defferent health issues, such as employess whose Body Mass Index (BMI) higher than the standard, by providing free health lunches such as organic vegetables and chilli pastes, providing health snack in the meetings such as fruit, herbal juice, etc. as well as providing facilities and exercise equipment for employes.

In order to improve employee’s health conditions, Public Health Roadmap with strategic executions has been developed targeting more than 60 % healthy workforce in the organization in 2020. Several campaigns were implemented such as health check-up, and replacing the snack break type for reducing flour and sugar.

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