IRPC is committed to striking a balance between business operations and the sustainability of the economy, society, and the environment. We also make great efforts to continuously innovate in our products, services, and production processes. Employees are our valuable resources, and we encourage them to develop their skills, knowledge and abilities, strengthening IRPC and the values that we hold. Our social and environmental initiatives build trust with our stakeholders in IRPC’s business operations. To further enhance our sustainable operations, in 2021, IRPC manages its sustainability development strategy under corporate strategy, planning, and business development unit. Its role is to manage the organization’s sustainability strategy, covering the economy, society, the environment, and good corporate governance. The management committee is chaired by the president and has the highest authority over issues related to sustainability.

IRPC’s sustainability management policy has been prepared based on the environmental management policy, which was firstly announced in 2015 and in 2019, it was revised to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in all countries of operations and to align with PTT Group sustainability management framework, sufficient economy framework, and other international standards. The policy drives each business function to operate in line with the company’s sustainability strategy to achieve the target of being “Excellence” according to the Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS).

IRPC manages stakeholder engagement through stakeholder surveys; the stakeholder engagement process is integrated into the company’s strategy. A sustainability information system has been developed to systematically store all related sustainability information, which is publicly disclosed through the sustainability development report in line with GRI framework and Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI). IRPC communicates the sustainability policy and framework to embed sustainability and create a sustainable culture within the organization. IRPC has a sustainability policy and guideline that aligns with the PTT Group Sustainability Management Framework and the Operational Excellence Management System. The Sustainability Management element covers corporate governance, human rights, employees, environments, and stakeholders

Sustainability Management Policy

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