Sustainability Management Structure

IRPC appointed Strategic Planning and Sustainability Department to oversee corporate sustainability strategy that encompasses economic, social, environmental, and governance aspects. In 2015, IRPC appointed the Management Committee, which is chaired by the president. The committee comprised of executive vice presidents and vice presidents from other relevant functions to take responsibilities in setting up sustainability management policy and strategy, and scrutinizing business plans for sustainability which are reported to the Corporate Governance Committee and the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. Moreover, the Management Committee also functions to govern, monitor, and promote sustainable operations in line with the policy and strategy as well as build capability to become the organization of excellence and sustainability.

Board Responsibility for Sustainability

Sustainability is in charter of Corporate Governance Committee whose duties and responsibilities include embedding sustainability in business, delegating sustainable management direction, monitoring the implementation of Sustainability Management and reporting its finding to the Board of Directors. The Corporate Governance Committee is made up of at least three directors of the Board, at least one of whom is an independent director. Members must command knowledge and understanding of international-standard corporate governance and sustainability principles.

Corporate Governance Committee Charter (click)

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