Sustainability Strategies

Management Approach

In 2015, IRPC group announced the sustainability Excellence Framework to be used as a framework for management and as a practical guideline in line with international standards. Particularly, business operation should go hand in hand with creating balance for society and environment as in compliance to Operational Excellence Management System: Sustainability Management Excellent as follows:

Sustainability Management Excellence

In 2020, IRPC applies three material issues (Climate Change Strategy, Circular Economy, and Creating Social Value) that are significant to the organization’s strategy to establish the corporate sustainability strategy into the 3Cs strategy:

  1. Climate Change Strategy aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to lower global temperatures and support SDG target 13 through production improvements and developing eco-friendly products.
  2. Circular Economy aims to develop innovations to use resources efficiently and turn waste into value. This supports SDG target 12 to achieve sustainable consumption and production.
  3. Creating Social Value aims to create benefits to social well-being through developing CSR initiatives, products, and services. This supports SDG target 3 to promote community well-being.

Sustainability Strategies

Sustainability Disclosures

In an effort to show transparency and earn the trust of our stakeholders, we report on our sustainability targets and whether or not we have been able to achieve them. These targets are set to balance economic, social, and environmental factors. They are disclosed in a Sustainability Report, in accordance with the Principles for Defining Report Content issued by GRI Standards. It measures sustainability context, materiality, completeness, stakeholder inclusiveness and also conforms to the Principles for Defining Report Quality. Other measures include accuracy, balance, clarity, comparability, reliability and timeliness. This report is issued to meet international standards. Additionally, the report is verified externally for alignment with GRI standard to ensure confidence to stakeholders that information disclosed in this report is accurate.

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