Corporate Governance Policy

Code of Ethics

Being committed to be accountable to and satisfy shareholders, the businesses with a fair treatment.

Accountability to shareholders

Being committed to be accountable to and satisfy shareholders, the Company pledged to operate the businesses with a fair treatment and credible accounting systems for the sustainable business growth and adequate economic returns. The Company adheres to the corporate governance practices as follows:

  1. Sustainable Business Growth
    • Perform the operations with integrity and fairness to all stakeholders for their utmost benefits;
    • Manage the businesses with the best knowledge and management skills, making all business decisions with prudence and caution;
    • Refrain from any operations that are vulnerable to create conflicts of interests with the Company;
  2. Disclosure of Information
    • Report business updates and trends to all shareholders in an equitable, regular, and accurate fashion;
    • Refrain from using the Company’s unduly disclosed information for personal gains or for benefits of other individuals;
    • Refrain from disclosing the Company’s confident information to external parties;

Public and Customer Relations

The customer’s satisfaction and confidence are of great value to the Company as much as the sustainable relations with customers and the public. To ensure the delivery of good quality and affordable services, the Company has established procedures as follows:

  1. Guarantee customer’s satisfaction and confidence with constant efforts to improve the service standards, to ensure the customers receiving products and services of decent quality at reasonable costs;
  2. Distribute the correct information relating to the products and services with accuracy and in a timely manner, and maintain good relations with the customers;
  3. Provide the customers with reasonable warranty for the products and the services;
  4. Provide a systematic feedback and complaint system in order to respond rapidly to the customers’ feedbacks and complaints relating to the Company’s products and services;
  5. Do not overcharge the customers for the products and services in comparison with those of the same type or category available in the market, and do not sell the products and the services under unfair terms and conditions;
  6. Strictly adhere to the terms and conditions as jointly agreed upon by the customers. The Company shall promptly notify the customers and the public when compliance with such terms and conditions becomes unfeasible in order to acquire solutions;
  7. Strictly and consistently keep the customers’ secrecy and do not disseminate or take advantage from such information for the benefits of their own or of other related parties;

Relations with business partners, business competitors and business creditors

The Company operates its business with integrity on the basis of equitable mutual benefits with the business partners, whereby the business partners are required to strictly comply with governing laws and regulations, and follow business ethics. With regard to relations with the competitors, the Company shall comply with the rules of good competition. For the creditors, the Company shall adhere to the fair loan and repayment practices. Procedures relating to the relations with business partners, competitors and creditors are listed as follows:

  1. Relations with business partners
    • Will not ask for, accept, or give any unlawful benefits from or to the business partners;
    • Strictly comply with the terms and conditions agreed upon by the business partners;
    • immediate actions to notify the business partners in case of failure to comply
  2. Relations with business competitors
    • Comply with the rule of fair competition;
    • Do not defame or slander against the competitors’ reputation without any truthful proof;
  3. Relations with business creditors
    • Strictly comply with the credit terms and conditions with respect to the repayment, the keeping of the mortgage securities and any other terms, and do not misuse the loans for other purposes other than what have been stipulated in the loan agreements;
    • Transparently report the accurate Company’s financial status to the creditors;
    • Notify the creditors in advance should the Company fail to comply with the loan terms in order to acquire solutions;

Responsibility towards employees

Employees are recognized as one of the Company’s keys to success. To reinforce employees’ confidence, the Company is determined to give priorities to staff development, pleasant working atmosphere and culture, and team collaboration. Procedures relating to the responsibility towards employees are listed as follows:

  1. Offer fair remunerations to the employees in form of salary and/or bonus payment;
  2. Ensure working environment that secures life and property of employees;
  3. Ensure that appointment and transfer, and rewarding and punishment of employees are conducted with equality and integrity, and are commensurate with the individuals’ knowledge, abilities, suitability, act, and practice.
  4. Give priorities to development of employee’s capabilities and knowledge sharing, and thoroughly and regularly provide employees with opportunities for the development;
  5. Impartially and equally open to feedback and suggestions by all employees;
  6. Strictly adhere to rules and regulations relating to the employees;
  7. Avoid all acts of unfairness which could impair the employees’ security at work;
  8. Treat the employees with politeness and respect for the individuality and human’s dignity;
  9. Provide communication channels for the employees to report abuses or unlawful acts;

Responsibility towards the society and the environment

The Company operates its businesses with care and awareness about the social security, environment, and the quality of life of the public. The Company has also given importance to the environmental conservation and the efficient energy consumption. Procedures relating to the responsibility of the society and the environment are listed as follows:

  1. Carry out activities taking into account impacts on the society and communities by means of conserving the natural resources, protecting the environment, and enabling the good quality of life for the public;
  2. Pay back to the society by supporting social and environmental development activities;
  3. Constantly create awareness about social and environmental responsibility among all levels of employees;
  4. Give priorities to business partners who share the same will with the Company about the social and environmental responsibility;
  5. Adhere to efficient energy saving practices for the future of the later generations as part of the core policies of the Company;
  6. Strictly comply with the authorities’ rules and laws in connection with the environment and stipulations of other related organizations;
  7. Give priorities to activities for community and social development, as part of the core policies of the Company, including the development of the society, the community and the environment, and the creation and the preservation of natural resources. The Company also creates educational opportunities for youth, and provides support to communities in order for them to become more organized and to be able to support themselves;
  8. The Company promotes the democracy of the kingdom and encourage employees to use their voting rights as required by the Constitution. The Company, however; does not have policies to provide financial support, directly or indirectly, to any politician or political party, for the benefit of such politician or party.

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