Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management


Management Approach

Customers are considered one of IRPC’s key stakeholders. Building a good customer relationship management leads to the ability to meet customer’s requirements quickly and efficiently. We prioritize their feedback and create the relationship throughout the life cycle (current, new, and future customers) by providing communication methods for convenience and accuracy. IRPC take suggestions and complaints from customers as key information for analysis in order to address new solutions and marketing strategies. We also share and learn from our customers through engagement sessions, meetings, and other activities in order to communicate the current situations of the market for customers to prepare necessary measures for changing situations. In 2019, we have developed CCM4.0, one of the strategies in IRPC4.0, applying digital technology to enhance our process, and improve efficiency in delivering added values to customers. The objective of establishing a customer centric digital system like CCM4.0 was for IRPC’s Sales and Marketing Department to collect customer’s data, which includes sales data and complaints to further develop customer relationship through different marketing activities. Furthermore, the CCM4.0 system ensures that customer’s data are stored with standard protocols and transformed into SLA. This will in turn allow IRPC to meet customer’s demand in a timely manner through notifying responsible functions, including sales and technicians in real time.

Customer Engagement

IRPC strives to forward its business operations in a sustainable manner by engaging with customers. Customer engagement is conducted in order to understand customer’s expectations, interests, concerns, and to develop a stronger customer relationship with IRPC’s business. IRPC has implemented the following approaches to engaging customers as follows:

  • Customer visits
  • Customer seminar
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Customer relationship development activities
  • Webinars and conference calls with customers

IRPC also seeks opportunities to discuss important topics during customer engagements. This includes product growth plan, market trends, product demands and expectations (eg. Eco-friendly products). Furthermore, with the COVID-19 pandemic, IRPC recognizes that customers may have changes in demand during this special time. Therefore, engagement sessions are used especially to address concerns of customer’s on COVID-19 related impacts.


Customer Satisfaction

IRPC assessed the success of our customer relationship management through customer satisfaction survey, classified into 3 business units; petrochemical business, petroleum business, and port and asset business.

IRPC also responded to customer’s requirements and concerns, mostly regarding the quality of products and services. IRPC seriously addressed their issues by enhancing the production process, inspecting and maintaining our machinery and equipment, conducting the quality assurance before delivery, improving and maintaining the trucks as specified by relevant laws, and having the meeting with customers to discuss key issues and room for further improvement.



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