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IRPC Public Company Limited is Southeast Asia’s integrated petrochemical pioneer. The Company operates a refinery and petrochemical complex in Rayong. Its main facilities are located within the IRPC Industrial Park, which features the infrastructure needed for its business, including a deep-sea port, an oil depot, and a power plant.

IRPC - Business


IRPC’s refinery has a total capacity of 215,000 barrels per day (bpd), the 3rd  largest refinery in Thailand in terms of production capacity. IRPC manufactures a range of  petroleum  products,  namely  liquefied  petroleum gas (LPG), naphtha, gasoline, diesel, and fuel oil. Additionally, IRPC’s Lube Base Oil Group I plant

has a total capacity of 320 kilotons per annum (KTA), and the associated asphalt plant has a total capacity of 600 KTA, which are the highest domestic capacities. It is Thailand’s first asphalt plant to sell TIS-certified 40/50 asphalt in the domestic market.  IRPC is also a producer of the Terramaxx-branded rubber process oil,

whose quality has attained international recognition.

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IRPC - Business


IRPC is a  producer  of  upstream  petrochemical  products, namely olefins and aromatics. These upstream products are feedstocks for  IRPC’s  downstream  petrochemical plants: 931 KTA of polyolefins (HDPE and PP, UHMW-PE) and 383 KTA of styrenics (ABS, SAN, PS, and EPS). These downstream products are sold to producers of finished  plastic  products  in  Thailand and overseas under the brand POLIMAXX.

Focusing on the growth of its petrochemical business, IRPC endeavors to stay abreast of global environmental and technological changes through researching and developing new products that will increase its competitiveness. Recent innovations include paralene from natural ingredients, recycled compound resin, and acetylene black for Li-ion batteries (Pim-L and Pim-AL).

Furthermore, through the Eco Solution project, IRPC has pioneered a closed loop production for the plastics industry in which one plant’s waste is efficiently used as another’s feedstock. The model ensures that no waste would get out of the loop and become a burden to society

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IRPC - Business


IRPC provides basic public utility services along with public utility systems. It generates and distributes power, industrial water, and air systems; provides wastewater treatment for industrial customers and EGAT (Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand); and provides other business services in support of full business operations. Like other industrial estates, utilities are of sufficient volumes with high quality standards. Above all, our businesses must stay sustainably alongside communities, society, and the surroundings. Below are our public utility systems:


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